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Last Sunday, as you probably have gathered already if you’ve been reading my previous posts, we made a supper of lamb chops and perogies. My wife and daughter were in charge of the perogies while I looked after the lamb chops and the rub for them.

We had never eaten lamb chops before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had so many people tell me that it’s a strong meat and that they don’t like lamb at all but we wanted to try it for ourselves.

I created a rub for the lamb chops, with some ingredient suggestions from my wife. I rubbed it all into the chops, wrapped them up in plastic, then let them sit in the refrigerator for a few hours (more like 5). When supper time neared, I sauteed about 2 cups of sliced mushrooms then removed them from the pan. Then I pan seared the lamb chops in some butter and olive oil in a hot pan. I let them brown for a minute or so on each side then allowed them to finish in the oven.

Earlier in the day, about the same time I was making the rub, my wife and daughter began making the perogies using this recipe. They cooked up the potatoes, mashed them and added the rest of the filling ingredients. They then whipped up the dough, let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, then divided the dough into 16 balls. Each ball was rolled out individually and a spoonful of filling was placed in the center of each rolled dough round, which was then folded over and sealed closed in the traditional perogy shape. Aren’t they beautiful?

The finished perogies were then boiled, 4 at a time, for about 6 minutes per batch. They were then set aside until it was closer to supper. My wife pan fried them all in some butter in a hot pan, until they were golden and crispy on each side. They were served up with the requisite sour cream at supper time. See what my brilliant wife did with the leftover filling?

Our lamb chops and perogies came together beautifully for supper, accompanied by some steamed asparagus. If we make the perogies again, we will make them a bit smaller, and use the stick blender to make the filling smoother. Our verdict on the lamb chops is that we really enjoyed the flavour. Neither of us felt that it was strong tasting and we probably would have been hard pressed to tell it apart from beef, but that may have been due to the very savoury rub on it too. We did find the chops to be very fatty so if we have lamb again, we might go for a different cut next time. Maybe we’ll do lamb kabobs, or lamb stew, or lamb roast, or… so many possibilities.


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Perogy Patties, with fresh chives and a dollop of sour cream

My wife and daughter made a bunch of perogies yesterday from scratch. It was their first attempt at it and I think they did a great job. But more on that in another post. When they were done stuffing the dough, they had some filling left over so my wife decided to split it up into little cakes and pan fry them, just to see how they would turn out.

Leftover perogy filling, shaped into little patties

Perogy Patties, being covered in flour

Perogy Patties, ready for browning

There was just enough to make 6 little patties, about 2.5 inches wide each. She rolled them in flour and then cooked them three at a time in a hot cast iron pan with some butter and olive oil. They crisped up nicely but weren’t as firm as she would have liked, probably because of all the cheese in the filling, but I’m definitely *not* complaining.

Perogy Patties nicely browned

She made up three little plates for us, with 2 patties each, with a dollop of sour cream in between the patties, a dollop on top and some fresh chives from our early garden. It was a perfect light little lunch. Stay tuned for my next post where I share the recipe she used to make the perogies.

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