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The next part of Saturday’s supper consisted of a very simple Mexican Bean Salad (recipe here). I followed the recipe pretty much as written except that in Canada, our standard large can sizes tend to be 19oz rather than 15 so I used the whole thing.

The only real change I made was with the dressing and even that was minimal. My wife didn’t want it to be just an oil and vinegar dressing so I used about 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and reduced the amount of oil and vinegar in the recipe by about half. This gave the dressing a nice creamy consistency. The other thing I did was to reduce the chili powder to 2 teaspoons instead of 1 tablespoon because we thought it might be too spicy. In the end, we found that it would have been ok to use the whole amount called for in the recipe because it really wasn’t spicy at all. If I make this again, I will use more chili powder. Now there’s something I never thought I would hear myself say.

We all loved this recipe, as did my 12 year old daughter. We brought leftovers of this salad to my mother in law’s the next day for Mother’s Day supper and everybody there loved it too. In fact, we are still finishing it up in work and school lunches. This recipe makes a LOT so it would be perfect for a potluck not to mention that it was super easy and quick to put together.


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